How Do I Connect Bluetooth To My Car FM Transmitter?

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We all like to enjoy playing excellent music stored on our smartphones in our cars using the Bluetooth transmitter while on the move. You can enjoy these priceless moments by observing the following monster Bluetooth FM Transmitter instructions. Before you can be able to use the Bluetooth function in your car for the first time, the Bluetooth FM transmitter car kit has to be paired with your device. To pair the two, switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and search for your car’s FM transmitter.

After your car’s FM transmitter has been detected in your phone, pair the two using a password of your choice. After you have paired the two, your phone will automatically mute the music being played and switch to the telephone mode, any time there is an incoming call. When answering or ending calls, you will require to press the Call button once. Press the same button twice to redial the last number. Making a call is done through your phone, but after the call has been connected to the other end, you can hold conversations using your car’s FM transmitter hands-free mode.

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