How To Keep Your Luggage From Being Stolen

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If you travel by greyhound or even air flight, you should take your most personal or valuable goods with you on board of an airplane or bus. That means take your bag or small luggage with you.

Don't use your designer luggage when you travel on public transportation. You can have your luggage stand out from the crowd by tieing a colored ribbon around the handle of your luggage. You should use colored luggage or bags. Having a patterned bag will minimize theft. What you don't want to do is have bags or luggage that is similar to somebody else belongings.

Use a better grade identification tags on your luggage. The ones airports or greyhound gives you is not very good. You can buy these special identification tags online. They are made with plastic instead of paper.

Invest in a luggage lock for added security.

You should take a picture of your belongings inside of your bags. This will be beneficial if you need to file a claim for theft at with public transportation. 

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