How To Organize Your Jewelry

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There are countless jewelry boxes with quite a number of special compartments to keep your jewelry organized. You should label the individual compartments so everything is visible when you open your jewelry box. Rings should have special slots where you can slide the bottom part of the ring, where the top part is visible.

You can also try organizing your necklaces or other jewelry by buying a stand to hang individual pieces, so they don't get tangle, thus saving you time. If you don't want to buy special stands for hanging or keeping your jewelry in, then you can just simply hang your necklaces on your makeup mirror. Buy a watch box to store your watches. Or you can just use decorative trays, dishes  or bowls. But make sure you keep your jewelry separate from other pieces.

Place a wall mounted hook on your wall to hang your necklaces, if you likes to show off your jewelry. Of course you should not show off your very expensive jewelry by placing them in plain site. There are jewelry boxes that you can lock with a key. But the most part, you should place expensive jewelry in your safe.

Just remember when you place jewelry out in the open, you are going to have to clean them sometimes. But when you place your jewelry in a jewelry box, there is not going to be much cleaning needed, if at all.

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