How To Repair Your Watch

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An automatic watch is built to always wind itself by using weight inside the watch to put tension on the main spring through random motion from the wearers arm. It’s from this that the watch is able to store energy in the mainspring thus keeping the watch ticking. If your automatic watch is left lying for few days it’s bound to stop winding. If that happens you can easily fix it by doing the following;

First you have to locate the crown. Crown is the knob used to set time and date. It’s usually located on the right side of the watch. Once you locate it, you have to pull it out, in order to engage the winding mechanism. Note that for waterproof watches, the crown is always screwed down, someone has to unscrew it by turning the crown severally.

Hold the crown with your finger and gently and start winding it clockwise repeatedly until the second hand of the watch starts moving; through winding the crown, the watch is able to reserve full energy and at the same time keeping the main string tight.

When the watch starts winding, set it and you have to ensure that you do so by moving it clockwise and not anticlockwise. Once you are done with the setting, push the crown back in by pinching it with your thumb.

Always ensure you dust your watch regularly and avoid placing it near magnetic objects.

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