Wireless Emergency Panic Button for Seniors

Wireless Emergency Panic Button for Seniors

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100% new high quality.
The wireless emergency button (YCJJ100) designed and manufactured by our company is a single key remote controller. It is widely used in the professional security alarm system and the alarm host. When the user has an emergency, if the body is not good, there are burglars breaking in or need emergency help, just press the emergency button, that is, trigger the alarm. It can also be applied to industrial control or other control systems.

1, white shell, big button design, easy to use;
2, the emission frequency is stable, and the anti-interference ability is strong.
3, the coding chip is diverse, fixed code and learning code are optional.

Three. Technical parameters:

1, working voltage: DC12V;
2, working current: less than 6mA;
3, working frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz (optional);
4, the emission power: >10mw;
5, the emission distance: 100m (Kong Kuang);
6, frequency deviation: + 0.2MHz;
7, transmission rate: 3-6K;
8. Coding chips: PT2262, 1527;
9, volume: 70*40*19mm;
10, working temperature: -20 C - +70 C.
Package: 1*Alarm accessories