Dummy Security Camera with Flashing Red LED

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Generally, a real video security system costs you a pretty penny. The good news is, there is a more cost-effective solution to help you deter intruders and increase security-installing fake security cameras in places where you want to monitor. The dummy security cameras from ANNKE looks exactly the same as real ones yet it is way cheaper.



A More Cost-Effective Surveillance Solution



Are you spending too much money on a home or office video surveillance system? Why dont get a dummy one? Dummy security cameras look exactly the same as real ones yet they are way cheaper.

No Installation Restrictions



Speaking of a fake security camera, one of the biggest advantages is that it has no installation restrictions. No power supply and cabling are needed in mounting the camera. Just choose the location and screw the camera in.

Flashing Red LED



Built with red LED which is powered by 2pcs AA batteries, this dummy security camera gives you the impression that it is monitoring on things continuously from dawn to dark. Intruders can hardly distinguish it from real ones by the appearance.

Combine it with Real Cameras



It can be a clever trick to combine the dummy camera with real security cameras. Install real cameras in those vital locations and mount the fake ones in areas that are not so important. And you can safe a large budget on this.

Wide Application



Install it anywhere indoors or outdoors to help you deter intruders and make them believe you house is under 24/7 monitoring. This fake camera can be widely used in homes, offices, schools, bars, garages and so on.