Firestarter Maker
Firestarter Maker

Firestarter Maker

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100% new high quality.
Color: As the picture shows
Length: handle length 3CM, magnesium rod flint leakage part about 7.5CM
Diameter: flint diameter 3.5MM, combustion supporting material diameter 8MM
Weight: 32 grams
How to use it: scraping scraps of the combustion supporting material into scraps of small amount of hay, leaves or paper, and rapidly firing magnesium strips to create spark ignition. When the flame is generated, a thin rod is added to form the flame.
Features: waterproof, economical and practical, easy to fire
The use of outdoor camping, using magnesium alloy fire materials (special treatment, good stability), using the side of the metal plate friction can instantly produce high temperature and high brightness sparks, 5000-12000 fires, high reliability, almost adapt to any climate and environmental conditions, for outdoor camping, barbecue, heating add convenience. Other products are often affected by bad environment, such as air pressure, atmospheric oxygen content, water, wind and so on.
The reliability of super flint has made it the favorite of outdoor experts, hunters, anglers and campers.
Package: 1*Magnesium bar