Wireless Magnetometer Burglar Alarm for Household Doors

Wireless Magnetometer Burglar Alarm for Household Doors

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Name:Wireless Magnetic Sensor

Operating voltage: 3V (2 AA alkaline batteries) (not included)

Static current: ≤9uA

Emission current: ≤15mA

Product Code: 433.92mhz 1527 agreement

Launch distance: 150 (open space)

Product features: A "new generation" separation trigger intelligent wireless magnetic door sensor, the appearance of fine, beautiful. The use of imported micro-power dedicated chip program to control the stable performance of long battery life. Foreign imports F113 Transmitter chip strong anti-interference ability Built-in antenna transmission distance up to 150 meters, easy to install, at the same time with a tamper function Universal No. 7 battery can be bought everywhere at the same time to prevent the collision caused by the door, independent battery slot. .

Packaging includes:
Color box packaging1
Double-sided adhesive1
Alarm 1 (without battery)